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The Zombie Billionaire's Virgin Witch

The Zombie Billionaire's Virgin Witch - Joely Sue Burkhart 4.5 stars
I had the chance to read this book last month and enjoyed it immensely. It has the feel of a category romance and other than the fact that you're dealing with witches, it reads like a contemporary romance.

I hadn't read a zombie romance book before this one because I didn't think I'd like them. I don't know what other books are like, but I trusted Joely Sue to make me fall in love, and I did.

The hero put on the Remy family signet ring after he won it in a bet. The ring is cursed so whenever he takes *off* the ring, the parts of his body that the curse is affecting take on the appearance of a zombie. I think this is why this book works for me - he's only a zombie when he takes off the ring and the heroine gets a chance to know him before she sees his zombie decay and...well I'll let you read the book.

The book is about 46k words and is a quick, enjoyable read.

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